Our pre-application consultation has now closed.  Tollgate Partnership Limited has submitted a hybrid planning application to Colchester Borough Council for its consideration.

We are committed to ensuring that the local community are kept informed about the progress of the proposals throughout the various planning stages.  The project team will still be available to listen to your comments and answer any questions you may have.  You can email us on tollgatevillage@bartonwillmore.co.uk or call us on 01206 214 031.

If you would like to receive updates directly by email, please take a couple of minutes to register with us.


About Us

Tollgate Partnership Limited (TPL) manages the existing Tollgate Village and is fully committed to help positively shape the future of both the Tollgate and Stanway areas. TPL is a local, family-run company who is invested in the area and who has strong roots in the local community.

TPL has been, in one guise or another, a family business for more than 35 years. The company was started in the 1970s and today is run by the second generation, Jayne Gee and Daniel Watts.

Since the 1980s, TPL has delivered the Tollgate Retail Park, the Tollgate Centre, Tollgate Business Park and both the original and new Sainsbury’s stores in Stanway.

It has also provided key local infrastructure, including Tollgate Road which provides access to the Lakelands housing development, Tollgate West and the first phase of the Colchester Western By-pass, along with upgraded footpaths, cycleways and pedestrian crossings.

The vision for the emerging planning application is to redevelop the area into a thriving gateway hub for Colchester. The development will continue to be named ‘Tollgate Village’ and will deliver an inviting environment for all ages where people can work, shop, meet and relax.

Vision for Tollgate

Tollgate Village will be at the heart of the Stanway Growth Area in west Colchester. The vision is to transform the site into a stimulating, attractive and economically vibrant destination for the growing local population and the wider Borough.

New retail, leisure and employment development is proposed across four development zones, together with substantial public realm and access improvements, including new options for sustainable active travel.

The aim is to create a sustainable and balanced regenerated environment at Tollgate Village, that will complement the wider objectives of the Stanway Growth Area and build on its established success as a destination, for shopping, leisure and business.

A masterplan is evolving that would see the phased development of the 8 hectare site. The following computer-generated images show how Tollgate Village might look. However, until a final scheme settles, following our consultation and further design work by the project team, these images should be treated as illustrative only.

Tollgate CGI
Computer Generated Image (click to enlarge)
Tollgate Village Masterplan
Tollgate Village Masterplan (click to enlarge)

Our Proposals

The site is split up into 4 key areas which we refer to as Development Zones (DZs) and are shown on the image below. Please scroll down for more details on the emerging proposals within each zone.

Tollgate Development Zones Plan
Development Zones (click to enlarge)

Our Proposals – DZ1

The Development of Zone 1: the former Sainsbury’s Site

  • 13,000 sqm new retail and leisure floorspace
  • 8-screen cinema and 10-lane bowling alley
  • 2,000 sqm food and beverage uses
  • Dominant pedestrian routes, public realm and landscaping
  • Surface level parking
  • Electric Vehicle charging bays

Our Proposals – DZ2

The Redevelopment of Zone 2 Tollgate Retail Park

  • Additional retail floorspace (1,858 sqm)
  • The existing retail units will be improved through the provision of:
  • Shop front upgrades
  • Car park reconfiguration
  • Landscaping and public realm improvements
Tollgate Proposal DZ2
Proposal DZ2 (click to enlarge)

Our Proposals – DZ3/4

The Development of Zones 3 and 4 ‘Employment Focused’

  • 11,500 sqm employment floorspace
  • 3 high quality office buildings, positioned around a small central park
  • Small units to provide flexible, affordable business space
  • 60-bed hotel
  • High quality break-out space and landscaping
  • Direct pedestrian links to the wider Tollgate area and dedicated pedestrian route to the Lakelands estate
  • Surface level parking and a single decked
  • car park
  • Including electric vehicle charging bays

Transportation & Access

The proposal aims to provide easy access for people visiting the development whether by car, cycle, on foot or by public transport, through the provision of improved access links to the immediate and wider area, car parking and other active travel features.

The scheme is looking to deliver genuine sustainable and active travel options. The final scheme will include:

  • Cycle parking spaces will be provided at key locations
  • New pedestrian and cyclist amenities, linking the development to existing cycle and footways and pedestrian crossing points
  • Additional pedestrian / cycle crossings will be provided at key locations on Tollgate West
  • A Travel Plan will help reduce car borne journeys, and encourage the use of more sustainable modes of travel (e.g. walking and cycling)
  • Ample parking for vehicles, to include designated disabled spaces, motorcycle spaces and electric vehicle charging spaces

As part of the preparation of the planning application, a comprehensive capacity modelling exercise of the local road network is being prepared in consultation with the Highways Agency and Essex County Council. The results of this will be set out in a Transport Assessment, and this will be submitted as part of the planning application.

Investing in the Future

The proposals aim to provide a new chapter for Tollgate Village. They will deliver new retail, leisure and employment facilities to complement the wider objectives of the Stanway Growth Area and create a heart for the expanding community.

The proposals will represent a £65m investment in Stanway which are will generate a number of significant benefits to the local jobs market, including up to 480 construction jobs and over 880 jobs within the development. The local economy will be boosted further by the improved facilities encouraging the local community to spend at a regenerated Tollgate Village, rather than to travel out of the Borough to shop in competing shopping destinations elsewhere.

The type of employment development proposed will represent major investment in the local economy and will particularly support smaller businesses. The southern part of the site will deliver important affordable spaces, suitable for small and medium enterprises and start-up companies.

The scheme will bring forward sustainable development on previously developed land which is well served by public transport and will be enhanced through comprehensive high quality landscape and public realm proposals.

Public Consultation

Sadly, Government guidance means we are unable to hold a traditional public exhibition of our proposals, and so are using this website to communicate the plans with anyone in the local community who is interested in the site’s redevelopment.

Community Engagement Webinar

Please note that our pre-application consultation has now closed.  However, if you would like to ask us any questions, please email us or give us a call on 01206 214 031.

Contact details:

t: 01206 214 031 (answer phone service to leave us any comments)
e: tollgatevillage@bartonwillmore.co.uk
p: Barton Willmore Community Engagement, 7 Soho Square, London. W1D 3QB

Have Your Say

Please note that our pre-application consultation has now closed.  However, if you would like to ask us any questions, please email us or give us a call on 01206 214 031.

News and progress of the project will be updated on this website and across our social media pages. If you would like to be kept up to date with our emerging plans, please do take a couple of minutes to register with us.



This section will be added to once the consultation is underway and the most popular themes emerge.

What provision is going to be made for congestion on the main roads leading to the development?

A detailed Transport Assessment has been submitted as part of the planning application.  It sets out a lot of detail of work that has been undertaken to assess the capacity of 8 junctions on the county road network and of local roads. This revised scheme is anticipated to generate less traffic than the previous scheme that planning permission was granted for.

How can you get to Tollgate Village without using a car?

For accessibility for non-car modes, there are bus stops on Tollgate West adjacent to DZ1 and these will be linked to the main facilities via a planned pedestrian route.  Bus services are proposed to be advertised within the development, through the provision of a real-time bus information screen at a prominent location within the site.  Various new footways and cycleways are proposed around and through the site.  The plans include proposals for a new toucan crossing on Tollgate West to bring people safely into the site and there are additional proposals to upgrade the existing zebra crossing on Tollgate Road.  Once within the site, various design features are proposed to provide a pedestrian priority environment and cycle parking facilities are proposed as part of the overall parking solution.

Will you charge for car parking?

It is not the intention to charge for car parking.  Use of the car park will however by managed to maximise availability during peak periods, to allow all visitors the opportunity to park and use the facilities.

When will construction begin?

If our planning application is successful, some construction is likely to begin next year.

When will the new facilities open?

Realistically, the first phase of the development is likely to be open at the start of 2023, assuming we are successful with the current hybrid planning application and then a later reserved matters planning application.

Who will the new operators be?

TPL are in discussions with The Light Cinema to take the new cinema unit.  There is no confirmed operator at the moment for the new gym space.  All commercial enquires for the new retail and leisure units are welcomed by TPL.

Can a register my interest in one of the retail/small business units?

Yes, please do so!  The best way to do this would be to send us an email to tollgatevillage@bartonwillmore.co.uk with some information about your business and we will register your interest in the scheme.

Will there be public art within the scheme?

We would love to provide public art at strategic locations throughout the scheme.  We will particularly encourage ideas and involvement from local artists.

What will the environmental impact be?

The planning application has been supported by a range of technical assessments and these will all be examined as part of the determination of the planning application.   Where it is identified that an environmental impact may be experienced, mitigation measures will be discussed with the Council and their delivery would be conditional on the grant of planning permission.

What are the plans for ongoing management?

It is within TPL’s own interests to ensure that the development is well managed, both in terms of the day-to-day operation, but also in terms of maintaining the high-quality environment they are seeking to deliver.  The detail of ongoing management systems will be discussed during the consideration of the planning application.

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